Organic Chicken

Organic chickens About Organic Chicken And Their Eggs.
Most individuals who choose to live a healthy lifestyle usually consider eating organic foods. Perhaps this is the reason why not only the vegetable farmers but even us, the poultry raisers are now considering organic farming methods. In this type of farming, we raise hens without using any artificial chemicals, which have been proved to be hazardous to the fowls. This gives people a healthier choice for meat and eggs.

Organic chickens have high beneficial fats that lower cholesterol, and higher amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin A. Their eggs taste much much better than those from commercially-raised chickens which receive a regular dose of antibiotics, vaccines and other medications. Though it takes longer cooking time for the meat of most native chickens, its taste is incomparable with 28-day broiler confined in overcrowded cages where they also release their wastes. In this article, I will explain what I specifically do to ensure my farm remains entirely organic.

In raising my organic chicken, I employ different procedures as compared to raising ordinary chickens. Here are some standards I follow for your chickens to be certified as organic;
I usually do some things to ensure that the hens are reared as naturally as possible. For a start, I don’t use antibiotics that promote growth, but instead, I treat organic chicken with appropriate veterinary medicine. They cannot, however, be given drugs on a regular and routine basis, something that almost all ordinary poultry have to endure.

I give organic chicken specially formulated feed containing only cereals, vegetable protein, a small amount of fish meal, and a vitamin and mineral supplements. The diet must include grain which has been grown organically for them to be entirely organic. I don’t apply artificial fertilizers or sprays on the feed. Such feed is expensive, and therefore, I am forced to sell organic chicken a bit more expensive as well. Usually, the hens are not exposed to as many toxins as ordinary chickens are, making them rather very clean. This makes organic chicken meat and eggs to be the healthiest.
The Procedure I Follow In Raising Organic Chicken For Eggs And Meat;
As I mentioned earlier, in raising chickens that are organic, the process is different from that of raising standard chicken. It begins with the eggs of organic chickens. I make sure that everything is organic from the second day onward by giving them only organic food and organic chicken non-synthetic vitamins. I don’t add any animal byproducts into their diet.

Secondly, I make sure that their feed is clean. Of course organic feeds available, and sometimes I can even grow the ingredients, and of course, organically. The ingredients are cleaned properly before the feed is grown. I then mix them with the organic feeds from time to time.

Moreover, I do give the fowls the freedom to move about to have access to the outdoors, shelters, fresh air, and even direct sunlight, and make sure that their coop is ventilated, dust-free, dry, and clean. I don’t confine them in cages for a long period because it is unethical and may not be permitted by the certifying agency.

Another point is that I frequently trim your chickens’ beak and toes so that they do not hurt each other nor do they hurt themselves. This is dependent on each chicken’s condition.

Lastly, I apply preventive measures such as providing it with enough nutrition, feeding it on time, and making sure that its living condition is proper and well maintained to ensure that my chicken is healthy. I don’t feed or inject antibiotics or synthetic parasiticides because this will make the eggs they produce to have traces of them. I only treat the chicken with medicine under doctor’s advice if they are sick though. The only problem to this is that I cannot sell these organic chicken off for organic meat.
The Health Benefits of Organic Chicken eggs.
1. The chickens which lay organic eggs are usually healthier because they live and breed in wider and cleaner environments that I provide. Commercial eggs are typically produced by hens which have been caged their whole lives and are fed with pre-mix feed that is usually grown with chemicals such as pesticides. And since the chickens eat these chemical-laced feeds, the eggs can also end up with chemical or pesticide content, thus, posing possible health risks to the consumer.
2. Many people who eat organic eggs also attest that these organic foods lead to better tasting eggs for mealtimes. Many also believe that organic eggs are much healthier since the hens that laid them are also in good health due to better living environments. Also, the porous shells of eggs typically absorb odors and with organic eggs, you get produce that is almost odor-free compared to commercial laid eggs.
3. If you are veering away from a diet that contains eggs, then you should think again because eggs contain a lot of nutritious elements that can be good for the heart and body. First of all, organic eggs contain more of the healthy fat and protein. They also have vitamins essential to the body and its functions. Such vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid, and niacin.
4. Organic eggs also contain orange and yellow carotenoids, specifically the zeaxanthin and the lutein, which can help reduce the risks of developing macular degeneration due to aging and lessens the development of cataracts as well. Lastly, organic eggs are abundant in choline, a nutrient that helps encourage normal cell structure and function as well as helps proper signaling of nerve cells and healthy cells.
Raising organic hens is one of the best ways that has made me have a nearly endless supply of safe meat and fresh eggs. I came to realize that I can save a good deal of money by raising my fowls in the backyard. Though it takes a good amount of work to raise them according to organic standards, I find that the benefits of doing so far outweigh the downsides. These chicken are also fun birds that are quirky and entertaining, and they can provide endless hours of fun for my children.