Organic Farming

organic foodOrganic Eggs refers to how a farmer nurtures his land – mainly, he uses time-worn practices that encourage soil and water conservation and reduces pollution instead of resorting to chemicals and fertilizers. So then what makes an Organic Egg -Organic?

Well, it is all up to the relationship in organic farming the farmer has with his chickens. How does he do this?

First, organic chickens are fed only organic feed grown certified organic farmers
The chickens live cage-free and have access to the outdoors
The chickens are not given antibiotics except in an emergency and
Finally, the chickens enjoy the highest level of animal welfare standards.

Why should we eat organic eggs over store bought eggs? Ask anyone who has ever tried an organic egg, and they will tell you they taste great especially in the spring time. But behind the flavor, they are also packed with more nutritional value than any mass produced egg. For example, they have:

2 to 3 times more vitamin A
4 to 6 times more vitamin D
3 times more vitamin E
7 times more carotene and
2 times more omega 3
They are high protein
They are an excellent source of Vitamin B
They are also higher in Lutein, an antioxidant found in the yolk
Higher in Zeaxanthin, a nutrient valuable to eye health
Higher in selenium, an essential vitamin that helps to prevent prostate cancer and if that is not enough reasons, they are also higher in Folic Acid, which is necessary for cell growth especially for moms and babies.

Free range eggs and organic eggs.

Organic eggs are delivered by hens that are always free range. Also, hens must be ranged on natural land and fed on an organically produced diet. Organic eggs are produced according to criteria set by the Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS) which sets basic standards for organic farming.

The absence of artificial coloring in the animal feed, organic eggs are paler than free range eggs. Organic eggs are also of a higher value compared to eggs produced intensively, but most people notice the variation in taste.

Where can you buy your organic eggs?

These eggs can be found in many different locations today, and this can include the grocery store, the health food store and the farmer directly. The best place is the Farmer’s, Market. Check your city website for more information and a list of vendors. Another excellent idea is to go to the food link website and get a copy of your area’s buy local buy fresh map.This is a guide to farm retail outlets where you can buy your organic eggs directly from the farmer. Where ever you decide to get these eggs from, you will enjoy what they bring to your breakfast table.

There are several great ways that you can spruce up your morning breakfast today. One of the most forgotten and unexpected would be to change to organic eggs simply because you can do just about anything with eggs for breakfast; it should not surprise you that going organic is only going to increase the flavor and make the dish better.

Tossing together an egg omelet with organic eggs is the simple one of the many ways that you can get the most from your breakfast. Using these eggs in other recipes will also allow you to bring the most flavors out of the dish you will be serving as well.

A Complement To Other Meals.

Organic eggs are not simply to make a perfect omelet today, as you can find a large list of recipes with egg in them that can benefit. If you were to take, for instance, cake or even cookies, it would be easy to see that the outcome will have a big change in taste thanks to the freshness of the eggs. While it may seem subtle to some, sometimes it is the small details that bring out the most in what you are trying to accomplish. It is not surprising for eggs to be one of the primary ingredients to recipes whether it is for sweets or actual main dishes. Why not introduce this excellent alternative to the mix and watch the delight of the people that enjoy the meal.

Organic eggs have not been on the health food scene for a long time, as the focus on organic farming was on the produce of fruits and vegetables. Eggs are now starting to become a very popular organic item, as health food stores are looking for anything that can be better off for you as a retail item.

The Farmers Are Dedicated.

When it comes to organic eggs much like any other organic product today, the farmers are the real heroes that should be thanked. There are tireless hours attached to the organic farming techniques that are used to harvest quality eggs today. Gone are the days where the chickens are pent up in small coups and expected to lay eggs only. Today the farmers encourage the chickens to be out feeding for themselves, as it promotes less stress for the bird. The results are evident, and the taste is well worth what it takes to get the eggs to the stores.

Organic eggs are a product of dedication and experienced farming, with the guidance of the FDA and the public in mind. Very few people complain about the excellent taste of these eggs, and you can be sure that more and more individuals are starting to make the switch themselves. The movement is on, and healthy living is something that is now becoming a paramount way of life.

Today, eggs are sold on a daily basis. If you want to make more profit in this business, you need to produce more eggs. You should distinguish your products from others. You need to acquire knowledge in organic farming. There are other elements like medications, licenses, and machinery. Attend seminars in chicken diseases, chick placement, waste disposals, harvesting, vaccination, chick placement, feeding and other related things.

Eggs business comprises marketing, delivery, and transportation. You ought to know marketing laws and ideas on egg pricing. You would require hiring few others with a background in organic farming. If you are running on a small scale, organic farming is a good option. Focus into organic egg business. More individuals are going for organic chicken. Thus, that chicken is not fed with fertilizers. It is a good idea to sell live chicken on poultry merchants.

You have gained valuable knowledge.You have learned what Organic farming is, what an Organic Egg is, and how the farmer becomes certified, the incredible benefits of organic eggs and where to buy some eggs for yourself. Invest in the planet today and take the next step in going green with Organic Eggs.